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Published on Oct 22, 2022 by Schrier Team

A Great Year for Used Car Shoppers

A Great Year for Used Car Shoppers

In Omaha Nebraska, the used car dealership has taken on a whole new significance for people. Schrier Automotive has been in business for over 30 years now, but we’ve never see a demand for pre-owned vehicles like we have today at our Omaha used car dealership. There are industry-wide changes this year that may last for awhile or even a lifetime. That’s because used vehicles have always been a best kept secret weapon for vehicle shoppers.

The Benefits of Buying Used

Financing a new vehicle in Omaha Nebraska is a lot more difficult than it used to be. New vehicle prices went up so much this year that they’re unobtainable to many buyers. For other buyers who might be able to technically afford them, there’s the feeling that it’s a better idea to shop used. The economy and quality form used vehicles has greatly improved over the years.

Save on Overall Costs

People don’t just pay money for their vehicle’s monthly payment. They also must keep legal car insurance and pay car taxes and registration in Omaha Nebraska. This adds up over time and puts a lot of extra money out of your reach. Shopping at a used car dealership means deep discounts on insurance, registration, and taxes. You can save a lot of money by shopping used at Schrier Automotive.

Know your Car

New models might be the latest thing, but they’re also untested. You never know if you’re getting a good powertrain and configuration of all your features. Maybe the paint on your new model wears out early. Maybe the powertrain isn’t what you’re looking for. Buying a new model means tossing a coin. It might turn out great, but it might turn out to be an off-year for that model. With used vehicles, you can do a lot more research from vehicle history reports at our Omaha used car dealership. There’s less guesswork about your model’s performance.

Time Travel to Better Times

Because you have such freedom to investigate used vehicles and how well they were received by actual drivers, it’s possible to go back in time and experience some of the best cars to ever pull out of an Omaha used car dealership. Just knowing that a model was highly rated is a clue to test drive it for yourself and see if it’s right for you.

Finance it the Easy Way at Schrier Automotive

The biggest perk of buying used is just how much easier it is to get financed for the model. It costs less down and less per month for a similar model bought new, so you’ve got a far greater chance of being approved from one of our expert lenders. Our Omaha used car dealership keeps a long list of lenders available to our customers. The more trusted lenders in our network, the better.

Thanks to our 30+ years of experience selling used vehicles, we’re aware of many strategies for getting customers approved for their next car. Even if you want a very nice recent model year, we’ve got the financial department to make a good deal happen for you this year. Even if you’re facing an uphill battle because of credit troubles, our agents sit down with you and give you ways to take home your favorite used vehicle.

Discuss Used Vehicles

Are you ready to talk about your next car? Write to our dedicated team online or call us. We’ll discuss your goals this year and how our team plans to accomplish those goals for you. To start, just take a look at our huge inventory of pre-owned vehicles. We’ve got all makes and models throughout the year. Use our handy online tools to search for your next car or get pre-approved for a model you’ve already picked out.

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