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Getting cash for your car is easier than ever! Just follow the three Schrier Automotive Buy Center steps:

Get Your Instant Cash Offer
Enter your VIN and fill out the form below to receive your Instant Cash Offer

Bring Your Car for Inspection
Bring your car to the dealership for a quick no-hassle inspection

Leave With Cash!
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Get Your Instant Cash Offer Today

We make selling your car simple. It won’t take long, and it’s an easy way to get value for the car that you’re trying to sell. Our inspections take just 10 minutes and we write checks on the spot! Get started today using our online form below.

Why Sell Your Car to Us?

When you’re trying to sell your car, you have several options to consider. If you’re replacing your model, you can trade in your current vehicle for a different one. You can choose to sell it to a third-party buyer or, we’ll buy your car! We are even interested if you aren’t buying from us. Third-party car sales can be tough as the person buying it may try and take back their offer at the last second. You won’t have to worry about that with us, plus we’re not often outbid by other dealerships in the area!


So, how do you start this process? Just head over to our trade-in page and fill out the simple form, which requires some basic info about your vehicle. Or you can simply contact us directly! Make sure to provide us with your contact info so that we can get back to you with our offer!

We Buy Cars Trucks SUVs in Omaha NE – Near Lincoln

We all love our vehicles when we own them, but sometimes it’s time for something new. If you’ve got an older model vehicle on your hands, or a new vehicle that just didn’t work out for you, then consider selling your vehicle to Schrier Automotive. We have a convenient, simple system for buying vehicles that works for our sellers and for us.

Say No to the Hard Work of Selling a Vehicle

We buy cars trucks SUVs in Omaha so that no one has to go through the hard work of selling a model on their own. How much of a task is it to sell cars trucks SUVs? To get your vehicle into the hands of a buyer, first you have to:

  • Advertise your vehicle to strangers
  • Meet with each person
  • Allow test drives to people you don’t know
  • Figure out how to transfer the title
  • Figure out any fees involved for the paperwork
  • Worry about whether the sale is complete and legal

If all that doesn’t sound like something you want to go through, we buy vehicles on the spot from anyone. You can bring your vehicle into the dealership for an on-the-spot offer or call us to give us the details of your model.

How We Buy Cars Trucks SUVs

The previous method for selling a vehicle might make you think it’s a nightmare just to get rid of your old car. Once you hear our recipe for getting rid of your old car, you’ll breathe easier. Here’s how we buy vehicles from Omaha Lincoln Fremont Nebraska customers.


Give us information about your vehicle – Let us know the make, model, model year, color, condition, and mileage. We can take this information over the phone, online, or in person.


Get your cash offer – We’ll analyze your vehicle’s reported condition, popularity, and current market value. Once we’ve got that information analyzed, we give you a cash offer.


Say Yes or No – You’re free to turn down any offer we give you. You don’t have to explain anything to us if you say no! We understand that sometimes you just need a little more. If you’d like, you can make us a counteroffer, and we can see if our finance department believes it’s possible. If it’s not, though, you can say no and continue trying to sell your vehicle on your own.


If you’ve said yes to our offer, we’ll give you cash as soon as we do a final inspection of your vehicle. If you’ve brought your vehicle in already, you just accept cash in your hand, and we’ll take care of all the complicated paperwork for you.


Once you sign, you’ve got money, and we’ve got your car. You can say goodbye to your vehicle forever! You’re free to spend your money however you want.

Sell Your Vehicle to Us

Are you ready to get started on the easiest vehicle sale you’ve ever pulled off? Remember Schrier Automotive from Omaha Lincoln Fremont Nebraska. We buy cars trucks SUVs in Omaha, and we do it in a way that makes selling a vehicle feel like a walk in the park. Instead of spending your time stressing over whether the next buyer will show up or agree to a fair price, you can bring your vehicle into our dealership now to get an instant cash offer.


Dealerships offer a streamlined and frustration free selling process. You won’t pay for advertising, have to talk a big game about your vehicle, or bring it out to see a dozen different people. Just walk through our doors or call us to let us know you’ve got a vehicle to sell this year. We’ll take care of the rest.

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