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Omaha Used SUV Dealership | Schrier Automotive

Published on Oct 22, 2022 by Schrier Team

Omaha Used SUV Dealership

Omaha Used SUV Dealership

The SUV is a family favorite in Omaha Nebraska. They’re so popular here and across the United States that there are usually more SUVs available than any other class. This isn’t always the case, but it’s often true during our annual sales. Schrier Automotive has been a used SUV dealership for over 30 years now, and we continue our great service this year. If you’re searching for your first, next, or extra SUV, we’re the Omaha used SUV dealership to visit.

We Sell Quality Used SUVs

A good SUV dealership never has to worry about going out of business. That’s because Americans are always in need of these industrious and family-friendly vehicles. SUVs come in compact, mid-size, and large SUV sizes, and they’re usually well-suited for towing, luxury, and sometimes even off-roading. Schrier Automotive keeps a good mix of every type of SUV available for our customers in Omaha Nebraska.

Your Omaha used SUV dealership should be one like ours. We understand the utility, excitement, and comfort of a good SUV. When we take trade-ins or find SUVs for our inventory, we don’t just put them up for sale. Every model that comes to us gets a long multi-point inspection process, vehicle history background checks, and even our own test drive before we accept it into our Omaha used SUV dealership. If a model needs a little work, such as new tires or a fresh oil change, we do take care of those things before it goes up for sale.

Why People Choose a Used SUV Dealership

SUVs are usually more luxurious and spacious than a regular sedan, so they’re highly sought after in our industry. They can also be on the high-end price-wise if you buy them new. At Schrier Automotive, we want our families to pick out a pre-owned SUV that gives them every feature they’ve ever dreamed of, all without the huge price tag that comes with a fully loaded new SUV trim. A good value isn’t the only thing you’ll find at our used SUV dealership.

Fewer Limits

A new model comes with a set number of trims. You don’t find certain special editions or past trims in that lineup. Either you love the new trim lineup of the new model or you don’t. When you open your mind to pre-owned SUVs, you have more vehicles to choose from.

Better Data

New models don’t come with vehicle history reports because they don’t have a history at all yet. For our customers who want peace of mind and sound proven performance, used SUVs are the ones to shop for.

Little Perks

New models come with the highest car insurance, registration fees, and taxes. There’s no way around that. You pay a lot more than just the price of your new SUV. Used models with some years behind them don’t come with these strings attached. You’ll enjoy cheaper car insurance and fewer extra costs to worry about during the year.

Freedom to Customize

The new SUV buyer is usually squeamish about customizing a brand new SUV. We don’t blame them. If you have some ideas for custom paints, interiors, or exterior features, a used model is a perfect buy for you. There’s opportunity to customize your SUV without feeling like you’ve ruined it. In fact, you’re renovating it.

Test Drive a Used SUV at our Dealership

We welcome all SUV lovers to check out our pre-owned inventory this year. Please let us know how to best take care of you while you’re with us. Our team recommends test driving a used model before buying. If you’re comparison shopping, that’s no problem! Let us know which SUVs you want to compare, and we’ll give you a free test drive of every model that interests you. If you have questions as you browse for pre-owned SUVs, let us know.

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