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Omaha Used Truck Dealer | Schrier Automotive

Published on Oct 22, 2022 by Schrier Team

Used Trucks in Omaha Nebraska

Used Trucks in Omaha Nebraska

Pre-owned pickup trucks have really filled a void this year in place of new ones. With so many missing features on new trucks, it’s hard to find one that’s actually in its most beneficial form. If you’re tired of shopping for light and heavy duty trucks that don’t come with all their features, checks out Schrier Automotive in Omaha Nebraska. We’re a used truck dealer that knows the trucks we sell and never limits you to just one or two brands. You’ll find a whole fleet of models from Ford, Chevy, Toyota, and many more automakers.

Why the Truck is So Popular

Pickup trucks are two vehicles in one. The truck bed serves as a full cargo area with open air freedom for the tallest of cargo. Up front, a truck’s cabin is the place where drivers work to get things done. Maybe it’s moving a piece of furniture across town or just going on a camping trip with the family. Wherever you’re going, pickup trucks now provide features like reclining rear seats, king cabs for massive passenger capacity, and entertainment for the whole family. And that’s not the only reason people shop at our Omaha used truck dealer.

Easier Financing

Schrier Automotive has 30 years of relationship building with trusted lenders in Omaha Nebraska. When lenders trust a dealership, they usually trust its customers, too. If you’ve attempted financing at other dealerships and found yourself at a dead end, give us a try. Our three decades of experience in getting customers financed gives us – and you – an edge.

Better quality inventory

We have another talent that’s kept us in business all these years: spotting a great truck when we see one. Over the years as a used truck dealer, we’ve learned what models and conditions lead to happier customers. Our inventory is 100% inspected before it’s put up for sale, so we know you’re getting a reliable and durable truck because we chose it for our inventory. We don’t choose models unless they have that little something extra special that pleases customers.

Hard to find models

Not everyone shopping at an Omaha used truck dealer is looking for a first truck. Sometimes they’re looking for a model to add to a collection. If you have a favorite model and/or trim that’s been discontinued, it might show up at Schrier Automotive at some point during the year. We are always on the lookout for popular classic trucks for our customers.

Great bargains

It’s hard to find under 20K models in the United States right now, but we’re one of the few dealerships still carrying this price range. Times are hard for a lot of people, so it’s important to have those bargains available. It might be an older truck, but it’s still going to come with a great ride quality and durable build.

Friendly service

Customer service is sorely lacking in some industries right now, but we’re one dealership that continues to believe that service sometimes makes a sale. Just being treated with respect while shopping for a truck means a lot to our customers who often face frustration when shopping for other things these days.

Seek, Find, Test Drive

Look through our inventory when you have the chance. There’s a truck in there that’s going to faithfully serve you over the coming years. When you find something you love, let us know. We’ll schedule a full test drive for you and head out with you to demonstrate your truck’s finer qualities.

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