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Shop Used Porsche 911 near Bellevue NE

Published on Jun 22, 2023 by Schrier Team

Schrier Automotive – Shop Used Porsche 911 near Bellevue NE

Schrier Automotive – Shop Used Porsche 911 near Bellevue NE

The history of the Porsche 911 is of interest to anyone who’s followed this storied luxury performance brand over the years. It was announced in the year 1963, a year that proved pivotal to the auto industry and car lovers alike. The 911 is closer to the Porsche legend than you can imagine. It was thought up by F.A. Porsche. How close is he to the Porsche legend? He’s the actual son of Porsche’s founder. This car doesn’t just share a name with a brand. It shares the name of a family, and that means much more to most buyers.

Now let’s bring that legend to the modern era at Schrier Automotive. This model is available in its used form from many different model years and generations. It’s important to car collectors and to people who just want to buy the coolest used car on the market. The Porsche 911 is one of our most popular models for people looking for more than a collector’s piece. Sports cars don’t come more luxurious or legendary than this vehicle. We’ll keep great sales on this model for all our wonderful customers. Visit us near Bellevue NE. Also serving Papillion and Omaha Nebraska.

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